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- Prospectus -

- Name of consortium: "Visible Light Communications Consortium(VLCC)"

- Outline and purpose

We often do acting and judging what is according to the sight in daily life. As for visible, there are a lot of one with big value, and the infrastructure that helps it is maintained. For instance, it is a lighting on the road of the office and the house, and a visible light infrastructure of the display of a lightning notice for a traffic signal and the advertisement, a display, and an electronic equipment etc. A big revolution starts occurring to such an ordinary anywhere infrastructure. It is a revolution with a visible light element such as LED (Light Emitting Diode) that the electric power efficiency is high, has a long life, and the color is changeable. In addition, we do not miss another characteristic of a new visible light element. It is an ability to blink at high speed. The high-speed communication that uses infrared rays with a little bit longer wavelength than visible light is used already widely. The infrastructure maintenance possesses great significance for the transmission of information. For example, there spreads what it is anywhere and advantageous condition, such as light sending system of the visible light to imminent electronics that is equipped to a wide area in a room and high position, and also light receiving system that is familiar to electronics, such as a digital camera and a camera equipped to a mobile phone. The possibility that visible light communication spreads is high, when visible light element is turned on and off fast, and recieves it with some method such as light receiving system described before, that enables the infrastructure to develop for multi functions, and ubiquitous, transmitting information with speed that light originally has, and also showing the characteristic that is safe to the human body and electronics.

The purpose of this consortium is to research, to develop, to plan this high-speed, safe, ubiquitous telecommunication system from Japan by using it to communicate the waviness of visible light using a visible light element for the lighting, the signal, the lightning notice, and the display, etc. as the above-mentioned, to standardize, and to spread it.

- Usage:

As the usage thought about now, it is a display and use of the lighting in (1) use of the illumination lighting, (2) use of the ubiquitous, visible light displays, and (3) ITS(Intelligent Transport Systems).
The visible light melts into our life, and various uses are thought about, but explain the representative examples below.

(1) It is widely used for the office, the house, and the factory, etc. , and the lighting can avoid the communication of which the shadow that tends to exist in the infrared data communication goes out easily by bringing the telecommunication facilit in there, and, in addition, can pursue the high speed that comes from quantities of light that are more abundant than infrared rays and wide light sending areas. Moreover, The wireless communication that is safe for the human body and electronics without forthcoming transmission traffic calming and the interference from other users from frequency restrictions such as the electric wave use, besides, is illumination light communication.

(2) As for a visible light element, the usage is widely extending to a lightning notice, an electronic display, the display, the signal, and the emergency lamp, etc. It is ubiquitous visible light indication communication that enables ubiquitous information transmission, transmitting the explanation of the device or its information of the outskirts efficiently by adding a function of the information transmission to the original function.

(3) It is an information system that pursues traffic safety and the comfort, and it tries to display the signal and the vehicle in traffic, and to be used a visible light element such as LED for the lighting widely. The communication to be able to hope for further development of ITS is an ITS visible light communication by putting the information transmission function in such a function.

- The current of visible light technology future:

A visible light source of light has not been used from visible light to communicate until recently the source of light of infrared rays with long wavelength by making it modulate though the method of transmitting data has been furthermore put to practical use by the communication between buildings etc. remote control, IrDA, and infrared rays wireless LAN. Research by the use of a visible light source of light actually to communicate having come to be done is after it enters the latter half of the 1990's though white LED is developed in the 1990's, and the research that uses it as a lighting source of light has become active. In Keio University department of science and engineering Nakagawa / Haruyama laboratory, a study of the visible light communication such as a communication method of strong security to send information to a PDA, the communication of three primary colors, the illumination light communication in the spaceship has been performed by a method, the accessory lamp which transmitted data from light of the traffic signal. The communication utilizing a traffic signal has been researching in the Hong Kong university and so on. For society activity, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers visible light space communication meeting for the study was established in June, 2001 and holds a meeting for the study as a chairman with Professor Masao Nakagawa of Keio University.

It seems that it is clear that the market scale such as lamps of an interior illumination that uses a highly effective light emission element, an outdoor lighting, a traffic signal, and the car expands rapidly in the future, and a visible light communication using it spreads widely. It is necessary to establish "Visible Light Communications Consortium" and must be able to be brought up as industry through the activity to spread the visible light communication that the cheerful future is predicted in this way.


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